Lickrish Spiral Curette


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Lickrish Spiral Curettes/Cervical Dilators

The innovative Endocervical Lickrish Spiral Dual-Purpose Curette was pioneered by Dr. Gordon M Lickrish, former director of the colposcopy unit at University Health Network in Toronto. With its titanium-coated spiral design, this instrument offers enhanced resistance to corrosion and remarkable durability against impact. Specifically designed for cases of complete or severe partial cervical stenosis, this unique curette proves to be the ideal solution. It enables tissue sampling in situations where a standard curette is too large for insertion. The tip can be gently guided through the Os, while simultaneously advancing and rotating.

  • Enables curettage in narrow endocervical canals, surpassing standard curette limitations
  • Enables sampling in situations where a normal curette cannot access due to cervical stenosis
  • Acts as a cervical dilator, ensuring precise sampling of the cervix or endometrium
  • Provides dual functionality, enhancing the effectiveness and versatility of the instrument

21cm Lenght

Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 12.00000 × 4.00000 × 4.00000 in
Product Options

Stainless Lickrish Spiral, Titanium Cobalt Lickrish Spiral, Titanium Rainbow Lickrish Spiral