What's my account number

Gynex currently does not issue account numbers. Accounts are maintained alphabetically by Billing Name.

When will my package arrive?

All packages are shipped from Texas. This map shows how long Ground packages generally take. Gynex will ship FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested.

What is the pricing for _______________?

All current pricing is on the website or in our most recent catalog. If you would like a copy of our catalog, you can download it here.

What is Gynex return policy?

Does Gynex do sharpening and repairs on instruments?

Yes. Contact us at 888-486-4644 for more information.

Where can I can get an IFU/Care & Cleaning for my instrument?

All Care & Cleaning and IFU’s are sent with the instrument. If you lose your copy, please call us at 888-486-4644 or email service@gynex.com.

Does Gynex have a representative in my area?

Gynex does not have sales representatives. We are located in North Richland Hills, Texas. If you would like to meet with us and see our instruments in person, please find an event near you. We attend ASCCP/ACOG/AAGL.

Does Gynex offer samples or trial periods on products?

Gynex does not provide samples, rentals or trials to customers.

Missing Merchandise Policy

Gynex personnel have taken great care to pack your order. Each LOT number indicated in the first column on the Packing List corresponds with and was scanned from the product packed in this box. Quantities were verified in this manner. Back orders are clearly marked, and do not have a LOT number indicated.

If anything is missing from your package, the customer is responsible for notifying Gynex within 24 hours of the customer’s receipt of package.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 888-486-4644 or service@gynex.com or contact.