Gynex Hot Beads



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GYNEX Hot Beads
For Hot Bead Sterilizer Users

If your office uses one of those popular hot glass bead sterilizers, you know it is necessary to change the glass beads once a month. Now you can purchase the same type of beads your sterilizer came with at enormous savings through GYNEX. These specially cast no-lead glass beads transmit heat properly and do not break down at the high temperatures used in glass bead sterilizers. GYNEX Hot Beads come in simple pre-measured containers. Follow the same directions that came with your sterilizer unit for changing the sterilization beads, then pop the top of our container and pour in the beads.

  • Pre-Measured No-Lead Glass Beads
  • Change Monthly
  • Six-month or Twelve-month Supply
Weight 8.00000 lbs
Dimensions 6.00000 × 6.00000 × 3.00000 in

12-Pack, 6-Pack