Gynex Colposcope, Single-Step LED



Featuring LED Light Source

  • Precise, easy to use, and at a low price.
  • Tilt base
  • Lasts longer
  • Cool to the touch
  • More sure color balance
  • Hand polished optics for exceptional clarity Individually adjustable binocular optics for true stereoscopic view
  • Optical measuring circles for precise measurements
  • Focal length: 320mm
  • Smooth adjustable controls for gross & fine focus
  • Universal Teflon ball joint never has to be tightened or adjusted and it gives you fluid 360 motion for gross focus
  • A space saving small footprint: Length is 14, Width is 12
  • Clutter reducing internal power cable
  • Working height: 33 47
  • Clear, bright, long-lasting LED light source
  • Light intensity 5V / 14,000 LUX
  • One piece shipping that puts you in operation within minutes of opening the box (no representative necessary)
  • Overall magnification 7.5X
  • One year parts and labor warranty included
    Extended warranties available
    (excludes shipping charges)
  • Easier to move, improved roller base. Once in position, it has the same stable platform you expect.
Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 38.00000 × 18.00000 × 16.00000 in