CO1100 Colposcope


Single Magnification with Integrated LED Light

The CO1100 Colposcope features 9.0X magnification with integrated LED light. The device is compact and lightweight with rolling tilt base for easy maneuverability. The CO1100 is a high quality colposcope that offers excellent optics and affordability to your practice.


GYNEX® Colposcope CO1100 with 9.0X Magnification 


  • Multi-Coated, Hand-Polished Apochromatic Lens
    (Minimizes secondary color and corrects chromatic abrasion)
  • Enclosed Power Source
    (Hidden in stand base for a clean and clutter free look)
  • Enclosed Electrical Cables
    (Hidden inside post for a clean and clutter free look)
  • LED Illumination System
    (More accurate color balance, cool to the touch and long bulb life)
  • Single Magnification
  • Optical Measurement Rings
  • Individual Eye-Shields
  • Integrated Green Filter
  • Universal Teflon Ball-Joint for Easy 360° Motion


  • Focal Length: ± 316mm
  • Magnification: 9.0X
  • Field Of View: 22mm
  • Depth Of Field: 8mm
  • Light Intensity: 25,000LUX
  • Working Height: 838mm to 1194
  • Power Supply: 90V to 240V
  • Warranty: 1 Year – Parts and Labor (excludes shipping charges)


  • Additional Extended Warranty
Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 38.00000 × 18.00000 × 16.00000 in