Titanium Rainbow Hysterectomy Scissors


REFERENCE NUMBER TT680-20, TT680-23, TT685-20, TT685-23, TT690-20, TT690-23, TT695-20, TT695-23 Category:
  • Retain their sharp edge up to ten times longer than standard stainless steel scissors
  • Exclusive Titanium Rainbow TiO coating is harder than ordinary stainless steel
  • Low coefficient of friction for smoother mechanical action
  • Very high level of corrosion resistance for a rust free surface
  • Smoother cutting action
Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 10.00000 × 4.00000 × 2.00000 in

Angled, Curve, Full Curve, Slight Curve


20cm, 23cm

Check Variation description Sku Price Quantity Action
Angled - 23cm TT695-23 $99.95
Angled - 20cm TT695-20 $97.95
Full Curve - 23cm TT690-23 $99.95
Full Curve - 20cm TT690-20 $97.95
Curve - 23cm TT685-23 $99.95
Curve - 20cm TT685-20 $97.95
Slight Curve - 23cm TT680-23 $99.95
Slight Curve - 20cm TT680-20 $97.95