SURESAMPLE® Endometrial Sampler



The world’s most effective and easy-to-use endometrial sampler!

SURESAMPLE® Endometrial Sampler outperforms any other sampler on the market today!

Our patented 3-port sampling system doubles the harvested samples and allows easy retrieval with reduced cell damage. A much greater histological adequacy and integrity than any other samplers. 12 to 1 ratio of histological adequacy and 8 to 3 for histological integrity, SURESAMPLE® is the finest endometrial sampler.

SURESAMPLE® formable shaft memory allows physicians to pre-shape shaft to meet each patient unique physical requirements. Its tensile strength and rigidity make it malleable enough to conform to the direction of the cervix and lower segment, but strong enough to go through a tight canal. The formable 3mm shaft diameter enhances ease of use and minimizing patient discomfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • 3-Port Sampling System – one port on each side of the distal end of the shaft and one on the tip end.
  • Grip retraction creates a strong internal vacuum.
  • Two-phase action between the ports and grip produces a higher yield of tissue sample in an amazingly controlled manner.
  • Formable memory shaft allows you to shape the sampler to meet each patient’s physical requirements.
  • Tensile strength and rigidity allow conformity but also provide enough strength to fit through a smaller canal.
  • No cutting or splitting of tip (a tedious process required by other widely used samplers that leads to damaged specimen).
  • Quick retrieval process – simply push the SURESAMPLE Endometrial Sampler grip back, forcing the specimen out of the open sampler tip and sides.


  • Sterile / Single-Use
  • 3mm Shaft Diameter
  • 24cm Working Length
  • Box of 25




Weight 1.65 lbs
Dimensions 18.00000 × 9.00000 × 5.00000 in