Colposcopy Set


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Each GYNEX Colposcopy Set consists of five instruments essential for colposcopy procedures:

Choose ONE item from each of the five lists:

Biopsy punch
Endocervical speculum
Vaginal speculum
Endocervical curette
Tissue hook

Priced at $675, the GYNEX Five Instrument Colposcopy Set saves you a bundle! Industry standard price for a competitor’s “Colposcopy Kit” is $765 for only four instruments!

Since all GYNEX instruments are already priced lower than comparable instruments available at industry standard prices, you save substantially with a GYNEX Colposcopy Set.

Note: All sets MUST consist of one item from each of the five lists of instruments shown.
No substitutions allowed. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount offers such as 5% prepaid discounts, etc.

Biopsy Punches

Eppendorfer, Medium-Tischler, Mini-Tischler, Straight, Mini-Tischler, Straight, RotoTip, Tischler-Kevorkian, Tischler, Straight, Tischler, Straight, RotoTip, Wittner, Angled, Wittner, Straight

Endocervical Specula

No-Lock Handle, 3mm, No-Lock Handle, 4mm, Standard Ratchet, 3mm, Standard Ratchet, 4mm

Tissue Hooks

Angle Hook, Emmett Tenaculum, Iris Hook

Endocervical Curettes

Round Tip, with Basket, Square Tip, no Basket, Square Tip, with Basket, Townsend Curette with Basket

Vaginal Specula

FullView Graves Large, FullView Graves Medium, FullView Pederson Large, FullView Pederson Medium, Standard Graves Large, Standard Graves Medium, Standard Pederson Large, Standard Pederson Medium, WideView Graves Large, WideView Graves Medium, WideView Pederson Large, WideView Pederson Medium, WideView Short Blade